Allan Mintz is a Small Claims Court lawyer in Toronto with over 35 years

of courtroom experience and a former Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court.

The Law Office of ALLAN MINTZ can give you your best day in Court at an affordable cost.


​After more than 35 years as a courtroom lawyer and 6 years as Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court (Toronto) a trained Mediator Allan Mintz will use his extensive skills developed in the courtroom as a Small Claims Court trial lawyer for you to be successful in the Small Claims Court. He is also a trained Mediator to effectively assist to settle a claim.

The law office of Allan Mintz knows there is nothing small about the Small Claims Court, the issues in conflict, the search for Justice, protection of one’s rights and assets, the amount of money at jeopardy, are all important to you. ​ In order to be successful your Small Court Lawyer must have experience and knowledge. Allan Mintz has these qualities.

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Allan Mintz has experience in all types of small claims cases involving everything from simple debt collection to a Breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you have an uncollected Judgement he will appear in the Judgement Debtor Court to enforce the judgement. The Motions Court where default judgments can be set aside or claims or defence struck out is another area he has expertise in. As a Deputy Judge he heard all types of cases in the Small Claims Court.

The cost of legal fees is a concern of all parties involved in civil litigation but Allan Mintz has solved the problem by offering an affordable flat fee cost for all the work required to the end of the first day of trial.​ And a reasonable fee payment plan.

Also, if you receive a Court cost order in your favor you may recover part or all of your legal fees, disbursements and HST.

Whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant Allan Mintz will use his knowledge and skill to obtain your best day in court.